The Twineklip is a purpose-designed clip for kiwifruit orchards.

Close up of Twine Klip attaching string to a large tree branch.
It can be attached to high wires and teepee training systems, wrapping around the ‘W’ end to secure the string. Made from durable UV-stabilised nylon it’s built to last.
Suitable for all kiwifruit varieties
Designed to be attached to string from high wires or teepee training systems for new leaders or replacement canes
Easy to use by clipping to support wires, or secure string wrapped around main leader
Made from long lasting UV stabilised nylon
Suitable for 2.5mm (12 ½”) wire

How to use

& Sizes

Available in black and red
45mm (1 ¾”) long with 3mm (1/8”) flat bands
Bags of 1000 x 20 per carton
Bulk filled 20,000 per carton
Klipon's Twine Klip in Red and Black


We’ve developed a range of videos and resources to explain how to get the best out of your clips and ties.

See our installation advice or if you still have questions, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist further.

Klipon nylon based products are conditioned with water to ensure flexibility and ease of application.

After opening, seal the bag when not in use.

If put back into storage for extended periods, particularly in dry climates, add a cup of water over the nylon product and seal the bag. This will prevent drying out and loss of flexibility.

We’re a 100% New Zealand owned company. We proudly design and manufacture all of our clips in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. Other products are sourced both locally and offshore.

Klipon products are sold across New Zealand and the globe. Contact your local horticultural supplier or view our list of stockists here.

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