Klipon has been serving growers for over 35 years. Strong, durable and perfect for any condition, Klipon horticulture clips and ties are a safe bet.

close up of kiwiklip being used to hold a kiwifruit vine close to wire.
close up of a vine tie being used to hold a kiwifruit vine to a wire.
Vine Ties
Woman in a kiwifruit orchard wrapping vines to wire with Tuit ties.
Tuit Ties
Trellis Tie used in nashi pear orchard
Trellis Ties
close up of a fruit tree tie being used to hold a fruit tree branch close to wire.
Fruit Tree Ties
GripKlip used in orchard around young tree tied to wire.
Tree Tie click used in orchard around large tree attached to wire.
Tree Ties
Close up of Twine Klip attaching string to a large tree branch.
Wire Strainer close up being wrapped around orchard wire.
Wire Strainers
Close up of KAB Klip holding wire to a metal post.
KAB Klip
Irrigation tie used to attach a irrigation pipe to wire.
Irrigation Ties
Uni Tye used in fruit tree orchard around young tree.
Uni Tye
Justy Ties used in orchid nursery
Justy Ties
Klipon's Wikiklip
Girdling Tool
Girdling Tool