About us

Since the early 1980’s, Klipon have worked alongside growers developing horticultural clips and ties. The resulting range of Klipon products is comprehensive and covers a vast multitude of applications.

close up of a fruit tree tie being used to hold a fruit tree branch close to wire.

Our Products

While we thought we’d planned for every possible use, growers still amaze us with the unique and ingenious ways they use our clips. What is exactly as planned though is the end result of using Klipon, simply put its bigger and better crops.

So our clips work, but just as important to our customers is reliability, consistency and quality. To ensure we meet those expectations, all our clips are manufactured in NZ using skilled labour and stringent quality control. With Klipon clips, the first clip to the 1,000,000’th clip will feel and perform exactly the same.

Besides our off the shelf range, the Klipon R&D department also works with growers to develop bespoke products for special applications. There’s nothing our team likes more than tackling a good challenge!

How we

Klipon is a New Zealand owned and operated business which feels people and performance are just as important as profits.

We won’t sell anything we don’t believe is the best for its purpose, and by running our business efficiently we get those products to you at the best possible price.

We value the support and feedback we get from the industry and rural communities because without it we couldn’t have developed the products we have today. Acknowledging the value of that support, a percentage of all Klipon profits are returned to the community through a variety of charities and events.

Available globally

Klipon products are stocked across the globe including New Zealand, Australia, North America, Europe and Asia.

For details on stockists or trade enquires visit our contact page for more details.